You usually drink coffee from a French press. At Provision No. 14, you drink cocktails.

The centerpiece of the menu, crafted by former Washington Post Express Best Bartender Chad Spangler and cohorts Glendon Hartley and Kevin Rogers, are four large-batch cocktails, served in 34-ounce French presses. Each contains about 25 ounces of liquid, equivalent to the volume of a bottle of wine, along with ice and a variety of fruit and mint.

There’s an interesting level of customization here. Order the Pisco Rambler, and you’ll find a delicate, sweetly fruity take on Pisco Punch made with Macchu Pisco, orange juice, pineapple, lemon and chamomile, steeping in a layer of mint leaves and orange and lemon peels. If you decide you want a more intense flavor, press down on the plunger, which releases more citrus and mint into the mixture, and fill your glass again.