We are a full service beverage consulting team & beverage events group.

Our Focus

The Menehune group has one main focus: to provide clients with the means to develop, implement and maintain premium beverage programs. We mainly operate in four areas; cocktails & craft spirits, beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages.  Our true strength is derived from the breadth of experience, wisdom, and synergy of our team members.

Our services begin with basic menu development, but where our expertise & focus truly lies is in our training & management development. Our training programs are detailed, result driven, tested, and on-going. By combining both efforts of creation & development we are able to achieve and see maximum results.


Our Advantage:

We are DC’s leaders in menu creation. Our innovative & creative cocktail designs attract media & clientele. By working as a team, we are able to combine the unique personalities within our group to create well rounded and sensible programs for our clients.

We are not driven only by passion, but by business as well. We understand our clients desire to have premium beverage programs, and the programs themselves must be profitable. We develop program cost guidelines and follow them strictly, and also teach our clients how to maintain the cost levels. Our training goes much further than recipe creation & drink execution.

We put value and effort into the training beyond the menu. Too often we see programs get written & trained, but not maintained. We never develop a beverage program only to last a few months, we strive to instill knowledge & professionalism that lasts for years. In order to do so we focus on results based training. We have follow up tests for our training sessions, and on-going training/testing for our clients & bartenders. Our training extends beyond the menu, as we make sure to focus on all aspects of bartending from beer, wine, & spirit knowledge to service to classic cocktails & beverages.

We focus on service. As much as we pride our beverage programs, the true focus is never on the product, it is on the user or the guest. All of our training programs have a spotlight on service & how to best deliver the product to the guest. By instilling service in every training session, the culture developed becomes guest focused.

We provide the tools for success. Sometimes the hardest part about completing a task is not having the proper tools on hand. Whether it is hard documents for our training sessions, recipe study guides, or physical tools, we make sure that our clients are provided for. We select proper glassware, premium & efficient bar tools, and develop/recommend vast resources & references for our bartenders.

We use our professional network. Our group has developed an incredible professional network in DC during our collective 40+ years of experience in the market. We are able to develop relationships with wholesalers, find staff, and set up special events for our clients.