If you are a bar or restaurant interested in our consulting services, please contact us via chad@servicebardc.com with a brief outline of your bar/restaurant and desires. We thank you for your interest and will respond promptly.

Our Services

Cocktail Development

Our standard service is our cocktail development program. Although it can be combined with a more comprehensive training & management package, the cocktail development program includes menu concept, cocktail design, menu design, and  our base training programs. Cocktail design means creating unique, marketable, & exciting recipes for our clients. We first discuss the focus of the restaurant, our clients’ vision for the beverage program, any thoughts/ideas/etc. our client has already, and if there are any rules/restrictions we must maintain. We highly suggest that during this meeting our client presents a sampling of food menu items to give a better idea of the restaurant as a whole. (If possible)


After we develop the menu concept & recipes, we present the menu/menu ideas to our clients. We will educate the staff on the main spirits which they will be using, and give a brief cocktail history class. We truly believe in order to have a lasting impact with the bartenders, we must provide them with context. The context will allow them to feel more enriched & purposeful when they begin crafting the spirited beverages. After our education we institute our basic training program & train the staff on classic cocktails, as well as the menu driven beverages. Our clients get the added benefit of not just our menu training, but also training on what we believe the most important, popular, and significant classic & contemporary cocktails are. (We may not have a manhattan, martini, margarita on the menu, but our clients will be able to produce them!)


Over our follow-up period we will make sure to follow up to check on consistency & quality of the product & to help with any issues that may arise.

What we always provide clients with are:

  •  One of our Spirits 101 classes
  • Our Mixology 101/Drink Making 101
  •  Detailed recipes & preparation instructions
  •  Tool Ordering/ Tool Order Guide Sheets
  •  Spirit Selection for Cocktails

Additional Services

We pride & value ourselves greatly on extending our services far beyond that of simple menu creation. No project is a success if it cannot be sustained, and in a market of increasing competition, cost management is key to deliver value to guests, as well as maintain a bottom line.

Management & Cost Services:

* Cost analysis of all cocktails

  • We break down the cost of each cocktail in order to highlight where profit is truly derived from. It also provides sensitivity buffers for management/owners to know when the price of certain items goes up, where the client is losing money. We also provide suggested pricing for drinks, how & when to discount if at all, menu descriptions & menu structure.

* Sales service class for all FOH staff & management

  • Our sales service class focuses on how to market, describe & push sales to restaurant guests

* Inventory management

  • We help our clients develop easy to use inventory systems, order guides, and par levels to make sure all products are kept properly in stock & managed at all times. Inventory management is hugely important and should ALWAYS be on the forefront of a successful business. Not only do we help with the inventory management of spirits, beer, and wine, but this also includes inventory of prepared items for cocktail menus.

We teach our method of daily running inventory for prepared items such as juices, syrups, batches, etc. and how to maintain cleanliness & health standards. Also this provides a means of keeping the bar organized, garnishes & backup spirits stocked, and the team consistently prepared.

Craft Beer Program Development

Craft beer is the fastest growing area in beverage with craft beer estimated as a $14.3 billion industry in 2013, a 20% increase from 2012. It is increasingly important for restaurants to stay ahead of the curve & drive sales through craft beer. A long time has passed since beer was a few broad categories, big names & cheap pints. The general population has a taste & education on craft beer that has never been seen before.

We provide our clients with not only an intrinsic understanding of craft beer, but also staff training on beer, relationships with brewers, breweries & distributors to provide the highest quality product, working knowledge of beer systems & beer systems training, and skilled management of draft beer systems. We help our clients determine an appropriate size of the beer menu, appropriate glassware, how to rotate beer selections, and how to become more involved in the craft beer scene in general.

Our craft beer development program includes:

  • Menu development
  •  Beer 101 & 102 classes
  • Glassware selection
  • Basic cost analysis & pricing strategy for beer.

Additional Services

Depending on the complexity and needs of our clients, beer programs can be very difficult to organize & manage. In order to stay ahead of the game and at the forefront of the beer scene, relationships with breweries & vendors are essential to get the most cutting edge, exclusive, and delicious beer selections available.

*Advanced beer training - we offer 2 more advanced level beer training classes, our Beer 201 & Beer 202 classes where we develop a deep understanding of the brewing process, the difference between raw materials used in beer, the difference in styles/glassware for beer, and will schedule a trip to a brewery to show clients first hand how beer is made.

*Advanced beer management **(Draft beer only)

Draft beer is consistently thought of as a huge profit area for bars - and it is, but only when managed properly. When dealing with expensive craft beer, draft systems can lose money quickly if mismanaged. We help our clients develop running spreadsheets & daily inventory systems to perfect ordering & pricing of all beers.

Menehune University - Training Classes

Menehune offers a multitude of different training classes for front of house & management teams. Continuous education is vital to maintain the standard & strength of our clients beverage programs. Depending on our clients’ focus, we can shape our training to fit several different molds. Also, we can implement training classes where our clients see fit throughout the length of our contract.